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AXA Transport- Fully Insured and Professional Door to Door Car Shipping Service

Welcome to AXA Transport, a professional and fully insured company specialising in door to door car shipping service from East Coast to West Coast and vice versa. Our primary shipping method is open car shipping which just means that your car will be transported on an open trailer (rather than in an enclosed trailer). We regularly work with many types of clients, both personal clients and other businesses such as car dealerships, auction houses, car collectors and garages. We are highly experienced in transporting all types and makes of cars such as sedans, wagons, MPVs, SUVs, hatchbacks, coupes, sports and supercars, pickup trucks, 4 WD.


Fast and Reliable, yet Friendly and Approachable Car Shipping Service


AXA Transport is a family owned business with over 7 years of experience in door to door car shipping service, which puts it in an optimal position to understand your needs and deliver seamless and effective door to door car shipping solutions. Being a small business, AXA Transport is able to deliver a bespoke door to door car shipping service with an intimate touch and prompt communication. We will work with you from initial contact to the delivery of your car to the destination to ensure that you are kept in the loop of the whereabouts of your car and do not have to worry about anything.


Affordable, Fast and Cost Effective Door to Door Car Shipping Service


At AXA Transport, our goal is to provide you with an affordable, fast and reliable door to door car shipping service as you would expect. Every car that we transport, we treat as our own and exercise diligence and ultimate competence to ensure that it is delivered to you in the same condition as and when it was picked up by our driver. By transporting your car with us, you will benefit from competitive prices as you will not be going through a broker (a middleman) who normally charges a fee. Are you tired of wasting on your money on middle men? Look no further. With AXA Transport, you can save yourself some money and treat yourself to some shopping, take your family on a holiday or grab yourself a gourmet meal!


Specialists in Open Trailer Car Shipping


There are two ways in which you can ship your car- by an open or enclosed carrier. At AXA Transport, we specialise in open trailer car shipping, which is by far the most common and cost-effective way of shipping your cars. Open trailer Car Shipping is very prevalent on the highways of America and you will have most probably seen a gigantic truck carrying a large bunch of cars. Open trailer car shipping is the cheapest method of transporting your car. Please be mindful that during open trailer car shipping, your car will be exposed to open air and elements which may increase the risk of damage to your car from debris such as rocks, sand and tires. Other things to consider during open trailer car shipping is the weather, snow, sleet and hail which are extraneous factors over which we do not have any control. Our drivers always aim to minimise these risks by undertaking the transportation with competence and diligence from their extensive experience in the trucking industry.


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